Want to master your UCAT? Look no further. Our courses have helped hundreds of students achieve excellent scores, well above the average for the test. 

Our UCAT courses are not only taught by qualified doctors who all scored much higher than average on their UCAT, but these doctors are also highly talented and experienced tutors who have had years of experience teaching and tutoring too!

Our courses are taught live on Zoom and are interactive and fun! Learn the secret techniques and tactics the books don't teach you. We teach you how to tactically and logically approach your questions, managing your time and making your score a cut above the rest.

This is not about scoring average or meeting the UCAT cut off. This is about being the best! This is about mastering your UCAT! See below to read about the courses available and how to book.

Want a more personal touch? Book some one-on-one lessons here!






Our Courses




Our course includes 5 hours of teaching 

and small class sizes, so you can ask your tutor questions one-on-one, as though you are in a classroom. You will receive tutoring on all 5 sections of the UCAT plus a section dedicated to tactical applying to medicine and interpreting your score!

  • 6 hours, with breaks

  • Saturdays 10am - 3.30pm including breaks

  • How to interpret your score and where to apply based on it

  • Covering more basic techniques for all five sections

  • Includes secret techniques designed by our specialist tutors to help you save time on all of the sections

  • Q&A with qualified doctor on all aspects of medicine

  • Practise questions with explanation

Each course costs £50, which is much better value than our competitors, but no less information! In fact, our courses include information that you simply won't get elsewhere!

Once you book, you will receive an e-mail confirmation and will be sent a Zoom meeting link and unique password 24 hours before the course starts. If you can't make it, you can reschedule or rebook whenever you like!


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