Quantitive Reasoning

Feared by many, the quantitive reasoning section of the UCAT is a daunting task for many UCAT candidate. Often known as the ‘maths section’ of the UCAT, those who are typically not so good with mathematics might worry about this section. Here, we will give you some tips to keep your score strong, even if you struggle with numbers.

1. Don’t overuse your calculator. The UCAT calculator is difficult to use on purpose – it is slow because you have to click each number individually

2. Learn the keyboard shortcuts! The keyboard shortcut for the calculator is Ctrl + C

2. Learn to estimate. Round numbers with the number 9 in them up and the number 1 in them down and do the sums in your head. Do the last one or two steps on your calculator instead of all five of them and you will save yourself a lot of time

4. Only es