Want to master your interview? Join us on one of our award winning interactive interview courses, now delivered on Zoom, in the comfort of your own home.

You will be guided through the day with an award winning, expert interview tutor who is a qualified doctor and has been on interview panels. They will give you the interview secrets and secret techniques the interviewers are looking for!

Our courses are interactive and include Q&A with your tutor. Ask them whatever you want!

Our Course Covers:

  • Giving a top tier answer to the commonest interview questions

  • How are interviews marked?

  • Role Play Stations

  • Communications Skills

  • Talking about your personal statement

  • Medical ethics

  • Medical News (because we know you can't be bothered to keep reading BBC health - we've been there!)

  • Q&A with our interview expert

Zoom Dates are as follows:

Saturday 17th October

Saturday 31st October

Saturday 21st November